ID help headstamp “SI” of 7.92x57mm


I coulden’t find any infomation about this headstamp.Anybody can help me?


Not an answer but White and Munhall show a similar S II , same date but unknown manufacturer.


Curtis Steinhauer lists it as follows: “Unknown. One of the many clandestine marked cartridges made for the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Probably German/Austrian manufacture.” I would tend to concur given the format and timing of the headstamp. His example shows a set of stars that are five pointed whereas yours are six pointed. -Ger


I have absolute no idea who was the maker of this case.

I think they came from Germany not Austria

The 5 star case has a primer 30 and was made as a blank 33. No primer crimp.
Both C II head stamped cases have a primer 88 with crimp and green annulus colour.
The 1938 up side down could be a marking for the lot number. The same for the difference in stars of the C I.