ID help headstamp “TN”


I coulden’t find any infomation about this headstamp.Anybody can help me?


Sheng, what is it on?


? Talleres Nacional? ( Toledo Ammo Plant) Spain if it is a 7x57 case pre WWI

“Talleres” is a metal pressing/forging plant.



“TN 1910”on a 7.92x57case


Thank you!


Hi Sheng,

This is not Spanish made, it is an unidentified headstamp of Chinese origin. A later headstamp, possibly from the same arsenal, also exist with in a four position layout using initials “T.N.”, similar in style to the ones used by Mukden (M.A.) and Hanyang (H.Y.), for example.




Hi Fede,

It’s amazing!I’ve never heard an Chinese arsenal named “T.N.” . Different from Hanyang Arsenal and Mukuden Arsenal,this kind of headstamp is very rare. I guess it stands for TaiYuan Arsenal,one of the biggest and modernized arsenal at that time.


I guess it stands for Taku Naval Dockyard(大沽造船廠).