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OK, another one from the “box” of goodies. There will be plenty more I don’t know yet too.

I asked before about the colour codes for the bullets, so I assume I will get the same answer for the primer colour annulus?


In many cases the primer annulus has no real meaning.
This is a German 7.9 mm rifle cartridge and Germany up to 1945 coded the bullet type on the primer annulus:
green - heavy bullet (12.8 g); from 1930 onwards the standard type
red - armour piercing (Spitzgeschoss mit Kern, SmK; 11.55 g) This is the one you show.
blue - non-hardened iron core (Spitzgeschoss mit Eisenkern, SmE, 11.55 g) Due to shortage of lead in Germany, SmE is the most frequently encountered type of WW2.
And here we return to your question in the other thread: a black bullet tip on German rifle cartridges means tracer (L’Spur for Leuchtspur) while in the U.S and NATO a black tip identifies an armor piercing bullet. There are no general rules, just a big collection of special cases.

In other words, a German 7.9 with a red primer annulus tells you it is armour piercing and if at the same time the bullet has a black tip, it is an armour piercing tracer. (Germany had no ball tracer.)

Thanks Jochem that helps me a lot, learning all the time.

So this would be tracer.

on a German cartridge u.s.w.