ID help needed-Probably 11mm Mauser

I’m a shot shell collector but got this with some other stuff. HS: U.M.C. U.S.A., high raised base, copper primer, Rim: .585, case base: .518, neck: .460, case mouth: .457, bullet: flat nosed lead .438, case length: 2.355, OAL: 2.99.

A picture would also be a good idea. M.rea

Not clear if this is a shotshell or a cartridge! More info needed. Thanks for posting- one of the members should be able to help!



Sounds like 11.15x60R Mauser,but a picture would help.

Not set-up for pictures yet. This is a CF rifle cartridge. The HS puzzles me since it only has U.M.C. U.S.A.



Without a picture, I would agree with Zwerge. The headstamp and flat nose bullet are both correct for this round.

Rookie, does it look like one of these? If you scroll down the headstamp pictures you will see a case with the same headstamp of your round


The headstamp looks correct. The third from the last cartridge picture before the HS’s looks good except the bullet is approx. .34 longer.



To clarify my last post. The bullet in my cartridge is longer the the one in the picture. There is a tight lip crimp and the bullet does not show signs of being pulled.

Yeah, these old cartridges commonly show some dimensional differences. Anyway a 2.99" OAL is OK for a 11 mm Mauser cartridge

Thank you Pivi. Any idea when this was manufactured.

Rookie–U.M.C. made the 11mm Mauser from 1905-1910. It has a 380gr. Paper-Patched Flat Nosed Lead bullet. It used a No. 2 1/2 Brass primer and is a black powder load. After the merger of Remington and U.M.C. in 1911, it was continued for some time with a “REM-UMC”. They also loaded a Yellow Paper Saboted Shot load using #8 Shot.

Thank you Ron. That answers all my questions.