ID help needed, some type of Maynard


ID help needed. Some type of Maynard, Flop ear or Sharps? Bullet diameter is .530 (not perfectly round and get numbers from .526-.535)


Very similar to a .58 Mule Ear 1866, but the case is to short and the bullet to small.
Very interesting!



This cartridge appears very similar to a .36 Sharps lop ear cartridge (late 1850s). Sharps made many percussion rifles in .52 caliber before and during the war and produced/converted rifles in .52 rimfire after the war. This is a guess, but I wonder if they experimented with a .52 lop ear rifle in the 1850s. Fascinating cartridge!


I think I will bring it with me to SLICS the end of March and see if anyone there has more thoughts about it… I’ve wondered if it is just a made up round too… but it would
be nice if it were determined to go to some early firearm



This case type fits a Goddard breech-loading shotgun. I’ll scan a few pictures and post more information as soon as I can.




thank you I’d love to see and learn more on it