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Hello again all,

I have a 56 - 50 Spencer cartridge, 3 crimp case. There appears to be a raised 8 in the center of the base. Any ideas. The rim has been struck if that makes any difference.



Close up photo?

Any headstamp, perhaps S.A.W. there is a raised headstamp version & some letters on these are more prominent than others, perhaps your seeing just the “S”?

Look with a good glass & have a light shine across the base.


Picture is worth a thousand words.


Mr. deCoux,
I wish I had a raised HS S.A.W… That is the one S.A.W. I am missing. At least as far as I know. The only thing I can see is an 8 that is approx. .17 in height and in the center of the base.

Emory Thompson


I understand. Have never tried to post a picture.

Emory Thompson


Emory, take it, edit it, log in & reply. then just drag the photo into the reply box when it’s done up-loading it will say saved & you’ll see it in the right-side reply window.
Say what you want & hit reply as you normally would.

These raised HS S.A.W.'s sometimes all that is easily seen is one letter.

That said I’ve never heard of a raised “8” on a Spencer so that’s all I can think of. The S.A.W. headstamps are also known with several sizes (perhaps 4 different) of letters being used in the impressed versions.

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Here is a discussion on 2 ways to post pictures on the Forum: Ammunition Art


Possibly a raised H or the remains thereof ?



Rookie sent me this photo.


This is a strange headstamp for a Spencer cartridge.

Could this somehow be a manufactures defect?



Being a fired case, this could have been shaped sometime in it’s life after it was fired.


It could be an imprint left from a mark on the breech face from being fired.!


It has been struck but not fired.


So it still has it’s bullet?
With unheadstamped rimfires the shape of the bullet (in profile) is usually the best method of identifying the maker.
So you try to post the photo this time.


I think I may have concurred the brain block. Hope this helps. |312x416](upload://nadtAczDdOqkSwK6img 2w1nsxb17NO6.jpg)


Good to see you have posting / cropping figured out & sorry to be picky, but this photo doesn’t really show the bullet profile, or side. Where the groove is or the bullet ojive is hard to see from this angle due to foreshortening.

What I mean would be from this angle.



IMG_1859Hope this is what you are looking for. If someone can figure this out from the bullet profile I would like to have the how to info.


Well the bullet photo didn’t much help but thanks so I went back to tick marks & it looks like C.D. Leet, but I’m not 100% sure.

I did find this one in my stuff which at 12:00 has a somewhat similar raised area but not near as defined as Rookies. My has not been struck and is loaded. My thoughts are that this is just a manufacturing flaw.


I thank you for all the time and effort. Could it be possible, considering that yours may be a (0), that they could be part of a set of numbered test rounds.


It’s not a zero, the area at 12 does extend up like your but is not as definite / defined or is it as easily photographed.
Just sort of a bog-standard base with perhaps a bit of debris attached to one of the case forming dies. My 2¢ on it at any rate.