ID help needed

Hello all, Iam back again. Here are dimensions:
OAL: 4.345, Rim: .972, Base: .978, Shoulder: .96, Lip: .83 ? HS: Maybe a (B) most of the top of the letter is missing, 4- bullet crimps, 3-primer stakes.Unk B (2) Unk B (2) Unk B (3)

I am most impressed by the detailed, sharp features of your fingers, including the hairs. You have an excellent camera.
How do you think your camera will know which of the three levels (background, fingers, headstamp) you present to it, is the one you want to display?
Make it easy for your camera by making holes in a surface and ensuring that the headstamps are at the same distance from the camera as the background. Leave your camera no random choice regarding the level you want the focus on. You will surprised how brilliant the headstamps are displayed.

Sorry for being very sarcastic, but again and again photos absolutely useless are posted on this forum, due to thoughtlessness of the posters.

Jochem, I know how you feel. But most people are not much into taking photos I have found over the years.

Anyhow, Rookie, can you put the case onto the table and try to take a shot without your hand?
And try several shots so you can choose the best after viewing.

Taking just one shot of something is like playing lottery - most people seem to never understand this part of photography.

It took a 10X loop to see what I have provided. The mark is very small and faint. I do not have a photo studio in my basement as Peelen must have. There are no other marks on the base and I do not have a zoom camera that will pick this up.
What you see is what you get… Rookie

Unfortunately, what we see is what you get.

Jochem may have given you a serve of sarchasm but he also gave you a very good and simple trick that will result in pictures that show the detail of the headstamp, without the need of a photo lab. Remember, it is you who is seeking to learn more about the rounds that you have. Put in a little effort and make it easier for us to give you the answers that you seek.

Rookie, do you have a scanner maybe?

Here is another try using Kurts method. If you can open this up you can clearly see a B.B final

bedf6bea18ba58dda338ad400dff8e455ed22315 (3)

Not sure I can see a; ‘B’…might be able to see a; ‘C.’

An example of the problem. I see an “O” or “0” after enlarging Sam3’'s enhancement of the original picture. While Sam’s image appears to be a true rendition of the head of the cartridge, sometimes you need to purposefully over-expose the picture; that is, lighten it. I don’t know how to do that on a cell-phone camera. I do it in the computer itself with some of my pictures.

John M.

The case needs to be oriented so the HS is at 6 o’clock. You can see a bit of a straight line extending above the let side of the part of the B you can see and a bit of a curved line extending up the right side. When I used my wifes phone to blow the picture up after see took it I could clearly see a B. Sorry this photo cannot be opened that far from what I posted.

abd679e2430115baa4222db5ef6ee087588c37c5 (2)

Hi John, hope this may be better.

I’m not sure I see a; ‘C,’ …may be a ‘0.’

It is better for the purpose at hand, although still hard to read. I do see what seems to be a break in the line on the right side of the character. If it is what I am seeing on my screen, it looks in the picture more like a “C” than anything, but at the resolution of the photo, that is still not positive, and Rookie says that when view on the cell phone that took the picture, it is clearly a “B”. Beats me!


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kind of looks to be a 20x110 Hispano-Suzia case B might be Bridgeport Gun Implements.


Are there any other letters or numbers on the headstamp besides the one I put a circle around?


4.345 inches = 110mm


There is nothing else on the HS

Sticking my neck out here. I think the headstamp of this case has been altered, note the tool marks and the lack of a defined edge typical for the flat area on the head of a Hispano cartridge case.

As an example below is a photo (source internet) of a British 20x110mm HS headstamp from Royal Ordnance Factory Radway Green. Note the typical sharp edged where the bevel begins which is not seen in the headstamp photo for the cartridge being discussed in the above posts and below right.

20x110mm HS British Untitled


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Brian, there are Swedish and Egyptian cases with such edges.
Just not with such a primer crimp.

Why the lathe tool marks???

Could be the marks on the bunter (means an impressed relief here) or the case got a final head turn. I think it depends much on the technology the manufacturer was using.

In your photograph, on the right hand side, the base appears to have been taken back, leaving the primer in a more; ‘pronounced,’ position, or is this an optical illusion?