ID help - old cartridge-12.7x45R Remington Pontifical


Hi all

I need help in order to identify this unit.


14.3mm case diameter
44.5 mm case length
16.8 mm rim diameter
58.0 mm total length … 8c159o.jpg

Thanks for the help!



Hi Daniel, this is a sub variation of the US .50-70 that is known as the 12.7x45R Remington Pontifical, and several other names. Regards, Fede.


Look closely at the underneath of the rim, you will see that Gevelot version is a two-piece case as the head is attached by the rim fold-over.

Good variation1


Thanks team for the help. It took me a lot of time looking for information without results. I was looking for 13 to 14mm x45R,
Pete, I saw what you mention about the two parts case. Very interesting feature.