ID help on U.S. 3 inch projectile

2.97" diameter at the bourellet, 11.5" from base to nose (less fuze).
Fuze threads 1.25" diameter about 10 threads per inch, and 1.25" deep.
Set screw to retain fuze is 10-24 TPI.
Base marked 2 B35 U.S.N. 16 CF 16.
Possibly 3"/50; 3"/23, 3" landing gun (or combination)?
Thanks in advance.

Anyone? USN 3"/50 HE? Landing Party gun? or???
Thanks for any info.

John, I think this looks like your projectile:

From gunbroker:

They say it is a “76mm US made projectile for the Russian’s”. Perhaps the seller might have more info.

Maybe you can compare the measurements?

Manufacture of Artillery Ammunition, 1917

And one more showing the plug.

High-Explosive Shell Manufacture, 1916, by Hamilton

And here the projectile with it’s later Soviet designation “F-354” (F stands for “HE” in Russian).
The first digit in the designation, here the “3” gives the caliber range.
The fuze here is not the one used in WW1 and was later exchanged for a modified model (here the KTM-3 which basically is a KTM-1 but has a thread fitting these “old pattern” projectile fuze wells.).
The added HE charge no 7 is a filler for the vacant space as the original fuze used with this projectile was much longer.

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Thank you, I believe that is it!