ID help please 303 British

Can anyone help ID these .303!cases please. I’ve had them for years and can’t remember when or where they came from.
Many thanks.

PPU (Prvi Partizan)

Does anyone know if Yugoslavia ever made their own chargers? Did they ever export .303 British packed on chargers?

From what I have seen of PPU (nny) Crates, both Domestic and Export, the ammo was packed in 15 round cardboard packets, similar to German and Yugo Military 7.9 packets, with No Chargers.
The crates were labeled " For Rifle, Machine Gun, and Machine-Rifle
“BREN” ".
in either Cyrillic Serbian or Latin Croatian script.
Crate contents 1440 cartridges.
(96 packets).

Doc AV

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Fascinating, thanks. Does anyone have an idea for a rough date for these cartridges? and whether they might be from a government or private contract?

Anytime from 1950s to 1980s.
I have had nny 1960, nny 1985, PPU 85, all in same design crates
( still use them for Gunshow stock).
Yugoslavia made .303 for its own
WWII-supplied Brens and Vickers and also for Non-aligned Nations of the Third World.
All this ammo was Berdan Primed, Corrosive, but excellent Brass.
I use it for Competition ( Ross Rifle, P14, SMLE HT.)
Doc AV

That’s great. Thanks very much for the information.


This headstamp is found in Hansen Cartridge Co. 20 round boxes from the late 1980’s.