ID Help please. Unknown, for me, propably propelent cartridge

Any idea ?

No primer , only alu foil
Cover - Alu foil
Case - Aluminium
Inside the propellant charge rods

Propelent ? For what ?

No HS , Found in Poland20180624_09343820180624_09345120180624_09345820180624_09362720180624_09364320180624_09352220180624_09355720180624_093504



Really, no one, nothing? Too bad … :-(

Is there any kind of insulator around the “primer” to indicate electric ignition? Possibly some kind of discharger cup propellant for smoke or grenades mounted on an armored vehicle?


No, any insulator. The hole for the “primer” is 11.45 mm in diameter. From the inside is glued alu foil. From the outside it is painted with red lacquer. The mouth is covered with a cardboard disc with a central hole of 12 mm. The entire disc is coated on one side with alu foil, and after placing on the propellant charge painted over with red paint. There are no moving parts. Central openings of fairly large diameter (approx. 12 mm) sealed only with alu foil, may suggest the possibility of firing one cartridge with fire from another. Only where, what and for what ??
Full ctrg has no place for any primer. :-(


This has the features of something like an ejection seat primary cartridge.

And You succeeded !!

PJB found what a mysterious ctrg. :-)
It is a powder cartridge for Soviet Flamenthrower LPO-50. Was fired with a PP9-RO cartridge.

Dok1.pdf (183,3 KB)
Dok2.pdf (183,6 KB)

It did not occur to me to look in that direction

Dzięki Piotr


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