ID Help Please

Given to me., dimensions

Bullet 0.392
Bullet over paper 0.418
Case + paper 0.448
Case length at base 0.536 going down to 0.519 at the shoulder
Rim 0.620 ID-JPEG

Looks like a .41 Swiss Vetterli to me. Out of my field though,
so could be wrong.

John Moss

Its a 10.4mm Scharfe Gewher Patrone 71/78 manufactured by the Swiss company Thun.
Also known, as John says, as a .41" Swiss Vetterli.

Just saying: of course rimfire. The Swiss cross in the middle of the casebase is not something of a primer.

European name : 10.4x38R VETTERLI SWISS MOD.1866-67 RF

Very usefull site :-)


Thank you gentlemen I did not expect an answer so quickly, just goes to show the knowledge here.

Thank you it is appreciated.

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