ID help, unknow blank cartridge


Rim dia. 10,90mm Head dia, 9,70mm Case is 22,60mm
My best guess is a 9mm Japanese.


Hello Alex.
The primer does not look very Japanese. Could it be 9.4 Dutch?


I agree with Jon that it doesn’t look Japanese. From the photo, the rim is too thick for 9mm Japanes Revolver, and the very rounded head is not typical of the Japanese revolver cartridge. I don’t know exactly what it is. I don’t collect revolver, but have seen plenty of Japanese ammo, including the 9mm Revolver.


It can’t be the 9,4mm Dutch. The Dutch have bigger head and rim, Dutch rim is 12,25mm-12,50mm and Head is 10,80mm-11,00mm.
OK, not a Japanese, so what could it be ?
I hope someone could help me.



This is a 9 mm blank for the M 91 Danish army revolver.



God dag :-)

Thank you but why did thy make the blank case longer then a live round ?
Live round, case is 17mm- 17,5mm