ID help with a 9mm please

What do I have here?


Not all the headstamps are the same
Thanks for any help on this one. Steve

These are Swedish “9 mm kptr m/39” 9x19 short range practice cartridges on a clip for sub machine guns. The cartridges were made in 1975 by Vanäsverken in Karlsborg. Head stamps are different since the cases were reloaded.

Thank you.

You can see the adaptor for the Karl Gustave machine pistol along with this round and the companion blank at:



If you intend to fire any of these (I assume you do not have a modded 9mm SMG), please PM me as there are safety concerns. I learned the hard way!

Thanks Mwinter but I don’t plan on shooting it and I don’t collect many 9mm rounds. 45 ACP is more of a “mans” caliber to me anyway.

I have found over the years of shooting alot of calibers, if it says for “machine gun” use, then shoot it it ONLY in a machine gun. Its just the smart and right thing to do. Thanks for the safety concerns for myself and others that might read this though.

Steve, I have one of those barrels for the S&W M76 that was made for this round, (Swedish K) and they work quite well and are not a toy at close range. There was quite a large amount of these cartridges imported a few years back. The chargers are quite useful when reloaded with standard ball cartridges and along with the proper loader, make magazine loading a snap for the M76 smg. JH