ID help with WWII round



I’ve got a bullet that I found at a WWII Army Air Corps training base years ago. It is just the bullet and not the entire cartridge. I measured it today and it is .43" (10.9 mm) in diameter and is 1.85" (47.1 mm) long. It looks just like a smaller version of a .50 bullet found at the same location. Does anyone have an idea what this is from and what weapon used it? I’ve done a bit of searching on the web but haven’t come up with anything.

Thanks for any information.


“lead” or “standard jacketed” bullet?
IOW it may well be a “de-jacketed” 50cal projectle.


If it is pointy and solid shiney steel, it is probably a .50 AP core, as mentioned above.


Thanks for the responses. I believe it is a .50 core as it is steel and, when scratched, revealed a shiny surface. Funny, I’ve had this since the 1970s and never thought of that! I started a cartridge collection about this same time and I’m getting back into collecting so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions as I go through my cartridges. Thanks again.