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I have a coil brass round that I thought was Martini Henry or a 577 snider however the measurements are a mix of each. The round has a paper patch on the bullet, caliber above the patch cal .524 over the paper is .577 OLth 3.429 case Lth 2. 735 case Dia .605 top and . 659 on bottom drawn brass rim dia .744.

On the top of the bullet there is what appears to be the top of a round ball, non magnetic. The bottom of the case is magnetic

It looks like a .577 Black Powder Express 2 3/4"

There are metric measurements and pictures of this cartridge at

Thank you Maynard Have you seen any others with the ball tip and is there any way to find the maker?
Thank yo for your help

Hi cdiver,
The copper tipped bullet is called an express bullet, meaning it has an empty copper cylinder, or tube, placed into the center of the bullet. These types of bullets are often found on large caliber black powder cartridges. I do not know enough about the manufactures of coiled cartridges to identify the manufacturer. Its possible someone else out there has enough expertise and/or literature to identify the maker.

Hi Ryan
Thank you for all your help I have Just started collecting and have to
learn the names/terminology eg copper cylinder = express
Thank you again for all your help.


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