ID Kalash cartridge

Hello All of you again.
I found this cartridge, but i don’t know if it is a good cartridge (perhaps fake).

Thanks for your help.


Something looks “off” about the sabot, almost like the proj inserted is too big, and causes the petals to be pushed outwards.
In my eyes this does not look like a factory load…

BTW: calling 7,62x39 “Kalash” is not entirely correct, the round was developed for other weapons before Kalashnikov designed his early model rifles in the caliber. The SKS and RPD are two guns that were made well before the AK action was finalized…


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Correct and the cartridge designation is M43 or as in Russian “obrazets 1943 g.”.

Who manufactured this steel case, S&B or one of the companies that regularly manufacture steel cartridge cases?


Thank you for your help.
And i’m agree with you with the designation.


Brian, it should be S&B itself as they regularly made steel cases with military code “bxn” before.
Also they made 9x19 steel cases in the 1990s if I have the time line correct.
But today they do only brass to what we have seen.

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Thanks for the reply. As you stated S&B, as of late, only uses brass cartridge cases and with so many other companies making steel cases plus all the subcontracting that goes on now days makes it is hard to know which company made what when it comes to consumer market ammunition.


Brian, that is correct. To what I understand S&B steel is history for now.
And the subcontracting seems to be the normal today and is not really easing the confusion. One needs to have a very close tap ona factory in order to keep track of what is going on and need a bit of luck and good connections.
Though the large players in the business normally do make their own stuff. But even here we know of exceptions like those recent 9x19 made by RUAG for S&B.