ID large brass naval case (Possibly Russian)

I found this item at a flea market here in the UK. It is a trench-art jar made from a brass cartridge case. It is fitted with a hinged lid which appears to be made from another brass ordnance part.

The case measures 74mm across the outer walls at the case mouth. The case length is 96mm, and the rim diameter is 88mm.

The only markings are a small symbol with an anchor and possibly a Cyrillic letter П (“P” in the Latin alphabet). This symbol is very small, at a mere 6mm high by 3mm across. This symbol is what suggests a possible Russian origin. See photo of markings.

The brass nose cone is lathe turned and also internally threaded. It appears that it was originally made for a non-decorative purpose.

The two rectangular slots in the base appear to be shaped for hooks to lock the case into place in the device used to fire it. This is the first case I have seen made with slots like this. The anchor marking and these slots give me an idea that it may be a depth charge or torpedo launching case.

Has anyone seen anything like this before, or has any idea what it could be?

Thanks for any info.


Just a guess, some kind of naval projecting charge/launching charge case and a naval projectile nose fuze protector (nose cap) being used as a lid.