ID? LC 62 MATCH blank


Another one of my stupid questions. I have a round. Headstamp: LC 62 MATCH. MATCH to me means “competitive shooting”. This cartridge is a blank. Why?


Not sure if this will really ID your round, but blanks and dummies are often made from fired or defective/reject cases.


sks, as Jon noted, making blanks from culled new casings (and in the early days, from fired cases) is common practice in most militaries.

Is this the extended neck style blank (forget the M number at the moment) or a shorter type similar to those produced for the .30-06 and .30 Carbine chamberings?


I am certain what is being asked but here is a photo. Sorry for blur, is it good enough?


Vlad-- This is a standard M1909 30-06 Blank. As stated by others, ANY headstamp can be found with all dates and manufactures back to 1910. Any given box of 20 could have 20 different headstamps.


sks, don’t know how I got it into my mind you said “7.62x51” . . . DOH! Sorry about that

This is a standard M1909 .30-06 blank. Interesting and perhaps worth a bit more because of the Match headstamp, but a standard blank nevertheless. Finding “Match” blanks actually makes a lot of sense because of the (usually) higher quality standards applied to match ammo can mean a larger % of the cases produced are substandard.



Teak–I think it was the LC 62 headstamp that got you confused. Most U.S. ammo with this headstamp is 7.62 x 51. If it makes you feel any better, until I saw the picture, I thought 7.62 x 51 also.


Just for everybodies edification, have a whole plastic gallon mayonise jar of LC 62 30-06 on the “case” shelf of my loading bench. Guess this question will force me to go look at all of my range scrounged 7.62x51 blanks!