ID needed 20x128 Swiss round

Can anyone definitively identify the loading on this 20x128 round? It is an Oerlikon loading from. 1977.

Can you show the projectile without the case?

Unfortunately the projectile is securely crimped to the case.

As per what I see and know about variants this one here should be a TP-T.
But the thing is the Swiss also made a base fuzed HE or SAPHEI which was colored blue.

The Austrians actually bought a lot of already manufactured blue HE types from Switzerland (do not know if from Swiss govt military stocks or directly from Oerlikon) when they were short of ammo for some reason (missions abroad?) and then ran into serious issues at their ranges where fired duds were mistaken as TP types.

Managed to pull one of the projectiles:

Yes, that is the TP-T.

Many thanks!