ID needed - 8 mm cartridge

Found a cartridge in a box full of fired cases .

The case : modified Austrian 8 x 50R Steyr ( VII / 19 / 17 / eagle)

The bullet : standard 8 mm Lebel FMJ ( marked A.VE D 1 18 )

Shoulder position is about the same as the standard 7,62 x 54R Russian ctg but the case is longer ( 56 mm)

On side of the rim has been filed for display purposes
No signs of fireforming or reforming dies on the case surface

If it is a factory cartridge and not a “fake round” for displays,what is it?
The original bullet was obviously replaced with the French one (Maybe a collector without a 7,62 x 54R sample in his displays decided to copy the Russian ctg using an Austrian case and a Lebel bullet , just my opinion)


Last upload: do not consider the bullet.
It was put inside the case by the friend who sent me the package , but he found the case as you see it in the picture

During the first war there was some production of 8m/m ammunition in Austria with the 52 m/m case length for special purpose loadings. Don’t have my references at hand, but I believe there may also have been others in the 56 m/m length. Possibly this is one of the latter which has lost its original correct bullet. Best to consult Moetz on this as this cartridge was at one time and another produced in a bewildering variety of case lengths. JG

I think that this Austrian cartridge was given Roth case #813 c1910.

This Roth calibre probably started as a military experimental and has been described as used for the Alder XX Anti-Tank Rifle. This case was also offered as a hunting calibre in the c1910 Roth catalog and shown with the commonly used Roth SP bullet #207.

All examples known have dated cases most with the ‘Alder XX Mod.8 bullet AP bullet’ or ‘Alder P Mod.17 incendiary’ bullets. Some with GR hs have sporting jacketed RN bullet. There are also several Munitionsfabrik W

Ok thanks,

tomorrow I will post a picture comparing this round with the 8 x 50R and the 7,62 x 54R .