ID needed for 9mm bullet with "H" on base


I recently got a question on a 9mm HP bullet from a 1981 crime scene in San Antonio, TX. The bullet has an “H” on the base. I thought of Hornady and checked a FMJ from that general timeframe but the lead base was unmarked.

Does anyone have any idea who may have been selling 9mm ammunition/bullets in the late 1970s or early 1980s with an “H” on the bullet base?




Well, a typical police inquiry. They seldom provide all the help towards ID that they could, in this case a photo of the base marking.

I have pulled a lot of 9 mm bullets looking for base markings, and have found no fairly modern
Post-WWII rounds with them, and certainly none made in the last ten years. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The only “H” I have found is on the Dusseldorf-production of RMS 9mm made during WWI and with “H” headstamp - specimen at hand “H 12 17.” The “H” is with very heavy serifs, though. that’s why a picture would help. It is not likely that such a round would show up in a crime today, although it is not completely impossible.


The only ‘H’ marked rounds in my collection are a couple of .30 Mauser rounds from Hirtenberger, 1930s. No idea if they marked their bullets in a similar way though. Never pulled them apart.


Thanks for the inputs. This round is a HP with the jacket covering the base and a “H” on the base. I don’t know of any US firms that mark bullets this way and am a little skeptical that this is an accurate description. I have not seen either the round or a photo of the marking.