ID needed for plastic 20mm projectile

Hello everyone,
I bought this projectile off eBay on a whim, and it arrived the other day. I have yet to be able to find anything that resembles it so I am kinda stuck.

It came from Croatia, and is made of plastic with possibly a concrete “core” in it. Some dust can be seen in the nose when put up to a light, and cracks in the substance can also be seen.

The markings are nearly all gone but the font looks similar to the font found on Yugoslavian ammunition. Only readable markings is “20mm” “A1” and “MA”.

Diameter: 20mm
Length: 86mm
Weight: 72g / 2.5oz

Could be some type of break-up projectile or maybe a dummy projectile?


This is a Yugoslav 20x110 Hispano blank M77 “break up” projectile. It is filled with steel powder so the gun can fire in automatic mode without a BFD.

Usually made by “Sloboda” of Chachak (the only known manufacturer in former Yugoslavia).

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Thanks EOD!

Very cool, I’ll have to find a Yugo case for it someday.



Wow that’s perfect Fede! Thank you for that, great info!