ID needed on PATENT shotshell


Who can help me with this?
The head of the case is made of some sort of plastic.
I have never seen anything like this before.

Any information is welcome.

Regards René


Is the primer Czechoslovakian?


It looks like it is.
But cannot say for 100%


Nobody has anything on it?


I know this ctge
Samples of it were received at SFM in 1937.
The base is in plastic (vulcanized caoutchouc)
I don’t know who made it.


Hi JP,
Thanks a lot.
At least now I know something about it.

Regards Rene


I have tried to know the manufacturer (there was a post a long time ago) but I got no answer.

  1. Where did you find your round, it will perhaps give us some info ?
  2. Do you have other shotshells with such a primer ?


The place I found it is of no help.
I came with some random shells at one of our meetings.
I will check for the primer.
But I will need some time.

Regards Rene


Hi JP,
I found a direction to look for.
90% of my older shotshells from Poland have the same primer.

Regards rené


interesting !
due to the word “patent” I thought it was american.
I will investigate the Polish source.
It is a shame they burned all the commercial papers and the marketing notes from SFM.
A lot of info is lost for ever.


René, you can find this primer in cases made in other European countries as well. I think that it was a type of Sinoxid primer sold to manufacturers and reloaders.



Edit: I just confirmed it, they are Sinoxid primers made by RWS and they are still made with the same marking at the Fürth factory.


Hi Fede,

I had a quick look, and found them also on several cases from Switzerland and Austria.

I had no time to check on German or Belgian cases, there are just to many of them ;-)

regards rene