ID Needed

Asked on another Forum.

I don’t have anything other than this photo. Headstamp was reported as CCO1W but I suspect it may be WCC 01.

Any ideas?


I don’t recognize it but Olin has produced quite a few special loads for European organizations. These all Have EO numbers. I have found more Olin EO boxes in Europe over the last 10 years than I have in the US. There has been a lot of AP work in Europe and this may be an Olin offering in one of these efforts. I would like to know if the bullet, and/or the extended tip are magnetic, and if there was a box associated. Of course I’d also like to get me hands on that cartridge.

Thanks for the post.


He’s confirmed that the headstamp is WCC 01. So, you handgun cartridge guys should know. No box, just the loose round. He’s not even sure what caliber it is.

Lew, I’ll pass the word that you are interested in it. I don’t know the guy from Adam so I can’t say if he’s a collector or not.


Ray, please, can you ask for better pictures? Also, can the owner check if the tip is magnetic? A manufacturing defect in the bullet jacket may cause a small portion of lead to protrude from the tip. Regards, Fede.

Are any larger images available?

Sorry guys, that is the only photo available. I photo-shopped it a little. Maybe that is better?

He says the “tip” is hard steel or iron and appears to have been inserted in a hollow cavity in the nose. I sent him a photo of my 38 LC Hollifield Dotter cartridge (right) and he says his looks just like it.