ID of a 75 mm grenade

This one seems to be a 75 mm as it fits on an M18case of 1943. But I have my thoughts grenade and case do not match.

So, what do I have here?

Dirk, you have a French 75mm AP projectile for a tank or anti-tank gun. Definately nothing that belongs to this case.

Thank you, Alex! The owner, one of my nephews, won’t be happy as it was sold as WWII Sherman tankammunition. But I’ll comfort him as both pieces seem in nice condition. Is it possible to determine more precisely the grenade?

Dirk, as much as I want and I am sure I have something somewhere but actually finding it is a thing that works out less and less with the growing amount of docs…
And my stock on post 1945 French ammo is very little unfortunately.

All I can say now is that it is for the 75mm Mle1951 tank gun of the AMX-13 (and others I guess).
The original case for it is the 75x595R.

Image source: internet.

And the little paper I have:

Fantastic,Alex! It seems you become more and more some European Fede. :)

No, I can not compete with Fede as he must have a very effective system of managing his docs where he is able to actually find something when he is looking for it.