ID of an old 12 Ga slug please

Hi Can anybody help me with this old slug!

Thanks for any help

Hi René, this is a Meunier bullet. I’ll post more information as soon as I can. Regards, Fede.

René, it was patented in 1907 by Jules-Alexandre Meunier of Indre-et-Loire, France and was meant to be used in shotguns barrels with choke or half choke. The internal shape of known specimens is not the same as the one illustrated in the patent (conical instead of rounded end) and as far as I know it was made in 12 and 16 gauge only. An early THV bullet for shotguns!

Hi Fede.
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Also in 20 Gauge

Hi JP,
Thanks for the additional info!


[quote=“polman”]Hi JP,
Thanks for the additional info!


As soon as he registrated his patent, Meunier gave specifications in july 1907 to sfm to manufacture bullets. And the internal shape was conical (and not rounded as in his patent).