ID of Australian WW2 navy projectile

The image below was shown in the thread on large caliber shells.

As I did not want to go off-tpic there I decided on a new thread here.

The image was described as showing Australian navy WW2 projectiles.

Is anybody able to ID the 2nd from left?
It appears to be a practice or test shot but I have no reference on this one (or any other Australian artillery ammunition or other ordnance).

This looks like my 4" Practice projectile with a yellow band . MkV1. WW2.
HB may be Hanson & Bricknell, Melbourne ? but did they make projectiles?
I have the wooden drill rounds with HB over V made by them.


Ron should be able to tell you. All I know is the photo was taken at the Naval Training Academy called HMAS Cerberus.

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Ron, thanks a lot!
Good to have that one identified.

Where does H & B pit into the picture. I thought all the munitions suppliers symbols commenced with an M.

I do not have documentation on Australian makers of projectiles. I learn from items I find or see in other collections and the forums.
Many projectiles are made by MO but the wooden and brass drill rounds were made by McCabe & Pomeroy P/L , Abbotsford Melbourne and Hanson & Bricknell.
Various other makers for Bofors, 18Pr etc. We need serious research on makers.


A light shines! I’m guessing that there is a group of companies which ONLY produced Dummy and Drill rounds so wouldn’t be classified in with official ordnance suppliers. Any of the thousands of small machine shops would have had the facilities to manufacture these items. Good luck in your hunt :)

Having said that there should be some official lists somewhere, similar to the list of M symbols.
Incidentally, love your photos.