Id of ?cartridge?

Ok I am embarassed. What is this? It looks like a cartridge.
OAL 2.290
Rim dia. 0.515
Base dia 0.355
Neck dia 0.355
Case length 1.575
Bullet? dia. 0.350

To me it looks like an artillery primer with a “bullet” inserted. Maybe I am completely wrong, it has been known.


The hole drilled through the side makes it appear solid.

i checked it out. it is solid fron the large holes in the side to the base, however there is a small “flashole” from the primer to the side holes. or to say it in another way you can blow in the primer pocket and make air come out of side holes. now from the side hole to the base of the bullet is hollow just like any other case

My 2 cents agrees with gravelbelly

Mine is exactly like the picture except is does not have the drilled holes and has a fired primer installed. It was given to me by a neighbor. It has a 30 caliber 152 gr M-2 bullet installed.
According to research I did it is an artillery primer.


I have several of these primers does anyone know how to read the codes on the head stamps?