ID of Chinese grenade

Is anybody able to ID this Chinese grenade?

Image source: internet.


This is a fairly new grenade designated DSY151.

Fede, thanks a lot!

Is there any more reference? The web is basically empty.
These must be rather new types.

Alex, I’m looking for the source of this model designation, but can’t find it so far. I think it must be from a video. I’ll look further tomorrow.



No hurry, I am glad already to have a designation!

Found it, but DSY151 turned out to be the fuze model designation, not the grenade. Note code 652A.


Fede, great new images!
Good the DSY151 is set straight now.

Though now it gets a bit confusing, given the 2 images are of the same grenades I wonder about the two applied codes.
The #652A we also know from AP mines but here we also see the #9624 which is a sole fuze manufacturer.
It would be interestring to know if the #652A applies maybe only to the fuze (mechanical parts) and the #9624 to the installed detonator.
If we saw the markings of those green plastic boxes we would know more.
A very interesting subject!