ID of French 7,62 x 51 NATO AP cartridge(s)


Was wondering if someone could ID the 3rd and 4th cartridges from the left.

[color=#0000FF]HERE[/color] in full resolution.

Headstamp of 3rd is NATO at 12 o’clock, 87 at 4 o’clock, SF at 7 o’clock.
Headstamp of 4th is NATO at 12 o’clock, 84 at 4 o’clock, SF at 7 o’clock.

Does anyone know more about the composition/design of the projectiles, especially #3? Were any special materials used?
Is cartridge #4 from the “ARCANE” project (see the book Die Militärpatronen Kaliber 7,62 x 51 mm NATO, page III.29.16.1)?

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#3 and 4 are Anthena designs. Basically Hardened steel cores (exposed) in brass cups.
There should be plenty of info on them and they were discussed here before.

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Finally finding a designation for my database will help me sleep at night.

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Hi 762x51, No. 3 is a PPI Mle F1 cartridge made by SFM, whose manufacture was continued when the company became Anthéna. The projectile is a very simple design with a cup made of gilding metal and a penetrator of galvanized steel (type Z 85). Regards, Fede.

For your knowledge, these projectiles are now being made by RUAG in several calibers, 5.56, 7.62x51 and .50 Brg. They are mainly sold for the export market. I have seen links of 5.56 just loaded with these ctgs, probably for The Dutch armed forces. One of the designation is HC+ for hard core.

I believe that the French are also using the RUAG-produced rounds. They are standard fodder for their 7.62mm MGs.