ID of grenade and launcher for AK (assumed)

Here a grenade (modified F-1) and the launchers for it.
They are made in the style of the first type of bayonet (grip/mount section) for the AK and I assume they are for this weapon.
The launchers appear to be factory made and all shown specimen do slightly differ what allows for the conclusiuon that these were made over a longer time period or even by different factories.
The grenade which is a F-1 body with an adapter that fits the launcher and a modified fuze.
As per the design it appears the grenade might be fired with regular ball ammo.
No further details are available.
Initially I thought an ID request in Russia / CIS states would have solved it soon but to my surprise it did not. Maybe these were made elsewhere?

Any body here who knows more?

Images from the web.


Alex, it is of Bulgarian origin, but that’s all I know. I have never seen manuals, documentation, &c.



Fede, is there more on the background of it being Bulgarian?
I am asking because a good contact there who knows the business has never seen or heard of it. Of course this is no indicator but I want to exclude possible countries so no capacaties get wasted with searches in the wrong direction.

I wonder if these are made from converted bayonetts.
A personal inspection of these sure (in particular the fuzing system and applied markings if present) would almost solve the issue.

It might be considered to exclude possible countries from the list which have not made this early type of bayonett.

They are made from Bugarian bayonets and examples has been obtained in this country. Jim A. Maddox, author of “Collecting Bayonets”, also identify this item as Bulgarian.

Fede, great info!
So I shall concentrate my searech on BG.

Is anywhere mentioned if the launcher was used with ball ammo or with propelling cartridges?


That looks like the same floor as the first picture. Interesting grenade launcher and hope some more information will come.