ID of Israeli AT mine related device

I have found this image in the web but there nothing was stated on it.
It is related to AT mines (US M15 type in this case) and to my understanding is an Israeli product.
Possible use is ranging from an add on booby trap device, remote control or added sensors (magnetic and or seismic).

Anybody to say what exactly this device is?

Alex, as you may recall I was an IDF Combat Engineer (with landmines), active until 1988. I never saw a unit like that, but the white tape and cross are very familiar. Found enemy mines are rarely removed as booby-traps can make them very dangerous. They are usually blown in-place, and different types of mines require different types and sizes of destruction demolitions. Those rings appear to me to be multi-application shaped charges to destroy a wide variety of different AT and AP landmines with a single “destructor”.

Jon, I knew most what you said but actually I was not aware you were an Engineer!
So we both have spent time on our knees demining!

Yes, the use of these devices seems to be limited to a few applications.
Wish we had the details.

Fire in the hole!