ID of Japanese (?) box in overall shape of 12.7x99 belt box

Is anybody able to ID this presumably Japanese (post war) box and it’s former content?
Is this for ammo at all? I wonder because I can not make out a lot number.

Hi Alex, it is Chinese. Second line reads “Tools - Spare Parts Storage Box”.



Fede, thanks a lot!
I envy your Chinese!

For modern Chinese I use this drawing app. It works great, but sometimes you may need several tries until you write the correct word.

The Chinese manufacture these US style 50 cal Ammo boxes, both to flood the US hardware market, and to sell to countries with their own Ammo factories, but not enough industrial capacity to make their own cans.
Doc AV

Hi Fade,I think they’re Japanese.the writing is different from Chinese style.

I have no knowledge of either language, but have seen various stickers on Japanese built modern cars and light 4x4 trucks.

To my untrained eye, the text on the can does have a “Japanese” look to it.

For someone who cannot read a single character of either language, what are the obvious ways to tell them apart?

I know that one way is the Japanese use of the Katakana alphabet to spell out foreign words, although those characters are not shown here.

I have to admit that I missed to say that this image had shown up together with a bunch of other Japanese post war boxes / cans / containers.

its Japanese,different grammar and writing,but every one who know traditional Chinese can get its meaning

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Thanks for the correction, I couldn’t work out a translation using Japanese but worked perfectly using traditional Chinese.