ID of oddball 6"/155mm (approx) projectile

There are some illegible markings on the base which seem to be Lot Number and maybe WHEELER. Looks like maybe a crimping groove near the base for use on a fixed round.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

The odd looking nose piece is there as a deck piercing protection cap. Aids in protecting the point from fracturing on impact, this would indicate that the projectile would have been used in Naval or coast defence use. A side on pic of the drive band profile would help, including the crimp groove. Maybe also give the base a wire brush around where the stampings are so these can be seen a bit better, include a close up shot of that too please? Anything stamped on the base plug?
Thanks, Regards Ozzi.

The owner provided some more photos. He also found U.S. Navy inspector marks on the rotating band [anchor] EJC (or FJC?) [anchor].
Base markings seem to be “6” CST SHELL" and two different dates, 1908 and 1932.
Photos show profile of the rotating band and crimping groove and better shot of the cap/plug/thing on the front including what look like two pins or screws holding it.
I canot find anything that matches in my USN ordnance references.
Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.