Id of Rifle Cartridge Headstamp


I just came across a handfull of live rifle cartridges that belonged to my deceased grandparents. I’m looking for help identifying what type of rifle they were used in. The headstamp is “SUPER-X 30-G-1906”.


They were used in the U.S. Springfields, the M1 Garands and Browning Automatic Rifles as well as commercial hunting rifles. Bill


These are Western Cartridge Co (Winchester) cartridges in what is today known as the 30-06. In addition to the ones listed by Ballard there have been thousands of rifles chambered in this caliber from low-end commercially made to very expensive custom made… and many in between. Your cartridges probably date from WWI to the 1930’s or about. The 30G-06 is an older designation meaning .30 caliber Government, 1906… or .30-06

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