ID of Russian rounds (8.2x66SR)

Need ID of rounds next to the 5.6x39.
They have no head stamps
The others are 7.62x54R.
Thanks Kevin

Hi Kevin,

They are variants of the 8.2x66SR, a Russian sporting cartridge.



There is quite a lot of contradictory info on the 8.2x66SR but for what it’s worth here are some of my notes on this cartridge as applied to the two variations shown:

The right example is a 8,2x66R “KO” cartridge which was evidently developed in 1931 by D.M. (Dmitry) Kochetov. This was purely a hunting cartridge and had a lead bullet with a velocity of 400 m/s. The carbine was manufactured at the Tula Arms Plant starting in 1936 both for the domestic market and for export to the Mongolian People’s Republic. It was used in Siberia for large game (Bear and Elk) and also Sheep hunting. However, it was not very successful because of its low muzzle velocity and the poor penetration of the bullet. During WW2 there were hunting rifles in this caliber used by the armed militias. The cartridge was factory produced from 1936-1963, used a plain Lead bullet and is found without hs and also with a five-pointed star which was post-war (c1953-1963).

In 1946 after WW2 ended, the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant produced the KO-8, 2 “Moose” hunting rifle. In 1962, this cartridge was modernized by Mikhail Blum and received the designation 8,2x66M (where ‘M’ evidently stands for ‘modernised’ or it’s Russian equivalent) - this is your left example. This cartridge used a new powder with a new load and utilised either a SP bullet of 9,6 grams or a FMJ bullet of 9.5 g. As a result the muzzle velocity increased to 635 m/s. Production of weapons using this cartridge ceased in 1976 as the 308 Winchester was introduced into the USSR for hunting and 8x66 ammunition production ceased in 1978. The cartridge was produced from 1963-1978 used SP or FMJ bullets and had no hs. It appears that c2010, or perhaps earlier, production may have recommenced but this is unconfirmed and the exact status of the cartridge is unknown at present.

To the best of my knowledge production of 8.2x66M never recommenced, it is long obsolete.
also, IIRC, original version of the round with lead bullets was loaded with black powder
Finally, KO-8, 2 was never called “Лось” (“Moose”). KO-8.2 was based on the Mosin action, and “Moose” was an entirely new hunting rifle in 9.3x53R, designed in early 1960s to replace obsolete KO-8.2

Thanks for the updated info - I will amend my notes.

Thank you. Some Great Information.
(Edited tittle to reflect 8.2x66SR)


Are the 8.2x66mmSR rounds headstamped? If so can you provide a photo?



No, normally they are not headstamped.

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