ID of symbol on Syrian / Iraqi 12.7x99 and 12.7x108

Is there anybody with a positive ID ond the symbol shown below?
It was observed on hs of Syrian or Iraqi 12.7x99 and 12.7x108. The cartridges/hs have a finish similar to what we know from Belgium or Manurhin machinery.
Unfortunately I can not provide the hs images.


with a bit of fantasy I see three Arabic letters. The upper right I could see as letter M(eem), the upper left then is the same mirrored. The hook between them below then is a D(al). MMD, nor sure if this brings us ahead.

Hans, I have to take what educated people like you are telling me as my Arab sucks.

Hans, your suggestion makes a lot of sense because “M.M.D” (م .م. د) is the Arabic acronym of Établissements Industriels de Défense in Damascus, Syria. However, I do not know if this is correct because I have never seen this symbol before used in Syrian ammunition.

Alex, is this headstamp dated?

Fede, the 12.7x99 case is dated 1969. The other I am waiting for a reply for is from somebody who reads Arab much better than me.


thank you!

I have my problems understanding the abbreviation MMD. What exactly is it in full text?


Hans and Fede are correct about M.M.D., verified by my co-worker from Jordan.

Great, so we know what the logo is saying. It would be just good to relate it to a particular country now (verified).

I just wonder that this symbol is used since 1969 then and never has shown up before.
There must be somebody who has seen this symbol before.

I found on boxes what MMD stands for:
مؤسسة معامل الدفاع
Defense Laboratories (or Plants) Foundation.


And I found this site about MMD:

Alex, your Logo is MMD’s logo :-)


Hans, very interesting, it seems that this building will be recycled into a three star hotel! Alex will be pleased.

The French designation for MMD is “Établissements Industriels de Défense” (EID), but its literal English translation directly from Arabic doesn’t match this, no matter which combination of words is used. It seems that this is also confusing for Syrian translators because sometimes this is translated as “Defense Coefficient Foundation”, which doesn’t make any sense. According to Elks the English translation is “Defence Industries Syndicate”.

Hans - when I click on your link, all I get is a tourist information site from Syria.
I just scanned the English translation - wasn’t up to reading it all this morning,
but I didn’t see anything identifying that logo or even about MMD? What am I doing wrong? Not at my best this morning, what ever that is, as had some
oral surgery yesterday and still feeling “under the weather.”


On the link page is a picture of a building with scaffolding, on the side of the building is a faint image of the logo being discussed here.

Hope you feel better soon.


Awesome research Gentlemen!

Now that will raise the question why we haven’t seen any more 12.7mm from Syria as the known hs are fom 1969/1973?

Any why does that symbol only show up on 12.7mm hs (so far)?

Did they ever make 14.5x114 (could not find evidence for that so far).

Here is the image with the logo.

Falcon - while in context it is a positive ID, I assume there was something identifying the building as having to do with MMD (EID)?

I misplaced my computer glasses and the images on the Syrian site were small, so it is no wonder I did not see the logo. They should repaint it! :-)

Is that building being built or demolished?


I wasn’t joking, the text below says it is going to be reconditioned into a three star hotel. The MMD has many different plants in Damascus, which means that this building is not neccesarily related to ammunition.

Fede and Falcon - Fede’s reply answers my question. Thank you both, gentlemen.