ID old shells

I went metal detecting this morning at At a old gun range from the 1900s which is now just rubble. I found a few cartridges I am unsure of. Any information is appreciated cheers.
I have taken these photos next to a .22 for comparison.
The .22 shells I found today had the headstamp is US, does this mean they are form America?

Yes the two you show with the US headstamp are American, the United States Cartridge Co, Lowell Mass. or after Winchester took them over in I think the 1930’s. i’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong on the date.
In the bottom photo The case full of stuff looks like a .25 Auto,then a .22 Short, ot perhaps a blank by Hirtenberg (Austria) and the shinny one is I think, by Hungary.<- Wrong see next post

The brass cased .22 with the broken cross and circle headstamp is made by Lapua.
I shot these in 2009 and came in a 500 round tin named "Standard Club.