ID on 7.62 Nato Dummy

Has anyone been able to ID the round yet? 7.62x51 dummy with a Gray tip.

Thanks Steve

Gray? Comes up light blue on my screen.

The tip has a blue cast on my screen too but I think that’s probably a white balance issue with the camera. I have the same cartridge with a gray tip and I also would like more info about it. I picked mine up from “NATO” Dave at St. Louis a year or two ago and at the time he didn’t have any info about the significance of the tip color.

Steve - I hope you don’t mind but I took the liberty of making a quick white balance correction on your first photo. At least on my screen it seems to match the coloring of my specimen more closely (and the green background matches your second photo a little better). Does it look correct to you?

Are we sure that it isn’t just a surplus API bullet used for a dummy, or a dummy meant to simulate an API round for training?

At least on my round, the tip color is a flatter gray that doesn’t match the more metallic silver tip on a typical API, although it is certainly possible it was made as a mock-up. It would be interesting to section one to see what is inside.

Thanks Chip! Yes color tip is gray, just a poor quality photo on my part. Nato Dave looked into this for me also several years ago with the same results. I though I would put it back out there to see if any info had been uncovered.


One further note, the round seems to have been linked also.

Give that bullet the magnet test. I think it’s an API dummy made up for whatever purpose. The FA 58 + headstamp means nothing, IMO.


Ray the bullet is magnetic. So whats with the grey tip?



Is it magnetic its entire length? Or non-magnetic at the very tip?

I think the grey is actually a silver that has turned a matte finish from a lot of use. The condition of the case (and the tip color) tells me its seen a lot of use and abuse.

Pull the bullet and erase all doubt. :) :)


Non-magnetic at the tip


Non magnetic at the tip would indicate an AP or API bullet.

Didn’t the Israeli 7.62 X 51 Lachrymatory bullet have a grey tip color?



Yes but it has a brass ring around the bullet

If you mean a brass ring at the tip, that’s a Lachrymatory.


Israeli 7.62 X 51 Lachrymatory

VOILA!! It only took 15 posts to clear that up.

Now, on to Question #2. Why and what for?

The Israeli tear-gas round has a 2 piece bullet tip. Does the dummy have a separation near the tip?


Now I’m getting confused. You said, “Yes but it has a brass ring around the bullet.” I thought you meant that your mystery bullet had a brass ring. Did I misread or mis interpret that??

Maybe my “VOILA” should be “Oh Oh” instead??


No the “dummy” round does NOT have a brass ring near the tip. The last photo I posted was on my Israeli 7.62 X 51 Lachrymatory round.

There was, at one time, a tear gas bullet that was made from an API by simply replacing the incendiary mixture with a tear gas mixture. I can’t say that yours is one of them. I’m just saying.

I still think it’s an API with silver color having turned dull. I would have pulled that bullet a long time ago. ;) ;)