ID on 9 mm Parabellum Head Stamp (HAM 9x19 02)

Can anyone help with this head stamp below? (nation, manufacturer…)


This is a brand new headstamp. I have never seen it before. Is there anyone out there who has heard of the HAM headstamp code???

Another headstamp for my want list!!!



Its amazing. This thing is made in 2002, around for seven years, and I have never seen or heard of it either. I have no clue as to what the headstamp means, or even the country of origin.

John, Just shows us all how little we know of what is really out there! Like our PGV headstamp that was out there about 50 years before the collector community “discovered” it. By comparison, the HAM headstamp wasn’t really out there very long at all before being discovered.

Is that PGV headstamp still unknown?

The primer and the date tell us it is either Geco or RWS (there is some circumstantial evidence that one made 9x19 for the other or they both produced 9x19 with both headstamps-subject for another thread).

The G at the top is probably for Geco and the P V may identify a Police organization or some similar organization. There are similar headstamps by Polte and others in 6.35B, 7.65B and 9mm Kurz as I remember. All have a letter at the top that could be the manufacturer and then two letters that could be police organixations. John is the expert on these cartridges.


I have been comparing the letter style on this headstamp with other ammunition in my collection.

The headstamp layout and style of the letters reminds me of MFS of Hungary. When I look close at the most current MFS loads (hst: MFS 9x19 49/07) there are some differences like the tail on the 9 curves up more on the HAM headstamp and the 0 is flatter than on the MFS headstamp and the shape of the 1 but the headstamps are 5 years apart in time. Regardless there is a similarity. The line width seems similar on the two headstamps. The MFS loads also have a translucent shiney red primer annulus lacquer which gives the same appearance as the HAM load.

My guess would be Hungary, perhaps on contract for someone since they have made ammunition for Turkey and Slovakia and others. This is only a guess.

Could it be a misprint which was meant to be an HSM case for Hunting Shack Munitions? I know HSM started loading 223 on their own cases a few years ago with an “HSM” headstamp, maybe they tried 9mm also? And maybe this is from a misprint run? If anybody has a HSM 9mm case then the headstamps could be compared.

DK, I have a couple of headstamps styles by HSM and both use 9mm Luger, not 9x19 and neither is close to the style on the HAM headstamp. Since this showed up with the French Police apparently, it is unlikely to be US.

Thanks for this informations

How about this?

Hungarian Ammunition Manufacturing Inc.
MFS 2000 Magyar Loszergyarto Rt. (Local name) specializes in the production of ammunition and tools. The company manufactures ammunition of various calibres for pistols and rifles for both military and commercial applications.

Contact Hungarian Ammunition Manufacturing Inc.
P.O.Box 9
Phone : +36 36 561 300

After several changes in ownership at the moment the ammunition manufacturing division of the former M

Vlim - absolute genius. I know the name Hungarian Ammunition Manufacturing Inc. very well, and think I have it even on a catalog and some box labels. Why, after a full couple of hours of playing with those letters, down to looking up the full, official name of many countries trying to make it fit, that didn’t jump out and hit me in the face, I don’t know.

I would guess to a level of at least 95% that you are correct, based on your opinion, and the background laid by Lew Curtis. Thank the Cartridge Gods for you guys to help morons like me know what is going on in the cartridge world.

Thanks Vlim for this informations…

That sounds like it locks it up. I have an email in to MFS to see what they have to say!

Company profile with the HAM name in the title at: … _home.html



Now, the next question is, why the “HAM” headstamp in 2002 when they used the MFS headstamp before then and after then? And then, has it ever been seen on any other calibers?

I just received a definative identification on this headstamp from the General Manager at MFS. It was made in 2002 on a contract for a company in Lebanon. Approximately 400K rounds were exported in January 2003, apparently intended for the Lebanes military and police. The ammunition was packed in a plain white box with no markings at the request of the customer.

Nice to get a definative answer for once!!! Too bad there is nobody around who can help with the PGV headstamp above.

This is very interesting
Thanks Lew