ID on a 7.92x53.5 cartridge


I’ve had these cartridges for a while but never really looked into what they are exactly. They measure 7.92x53.5 and are rimless. Their outwardly appearance says 7.92x57 Mauser but they are shorter. I see that there is a 7.65x53 “Belgian Mauser” round but this doesn’t quite match that. If you can’t make out the headstamp, it’s marked “F N” (on the 9/3 o clock position) and “S” at the 12 o clock and “34” at the 6 o clock. I’m assuming these were made in Belgium in 1934 but correct me if I’m wrong. They came in a stamped sheet metal machine gun feed strip marked “Belgian Hotchkiss” by hand but that doesn’t mean they are correct to the feed strip.


This not a 7,92, it is a 7,65x53 belgian Mauser M.1930.

I agree with Rigby. Could it be an Argentinian contract?

This might help, see section under FN

So they measure to 7.92, not 7.65? I measured the bullet diameter 3 times and it was 7.91/7.92/7.92.

Please keep in mind the measured proj. diameter seldomly (almost never) is the designation of the caliber.

Try a 7.92x57 proj, measure it and you will see what I mean.

Ok, that’s sorta what I guessed. Thanks everyone for the info

You can find this 7.65x54 Mauser headstamp in Argentina and Bolivia. Packed in clips (nickeled, with two lugs in the middle). Boxes are labeled in Spanish language:

Fusil y Ametralladora
CAL. 7,65
(F. y. A.)
AÑO 1934



sorry if I feel stupid, but what is this loading strip ?

Thanks in avance

Fabricated version of Hotchkiss
Universal Feed strip
Easier to make. Maybe FN or Argentine Made.
Fede will have info relating to this,
Or Jean-Francois Legendre.
First time I have seen a fabricated ( not fully stamped) Hotchkiss strip…since I make new fully stamped ones.
Doc AV
Doc AV

It seems that Jean-Francois Legendre is unsure about the details. :-)

I have seen with 1934 and 1935 dates.