ID on a Russian 12GA

Hello, I have a 1969 Russian made 12GA shotshell and I’m interested if anyone knows who manufactured it?

There are no markings on the side. The cap is red with a white “4” inside a white circle and the neck is rolled to retain the cap.

It looks like a Baikal made cartridge. The 4 in the circle (and I am assuming you mean the Over Shot Card when you say cap) will be purely the shot size.

Mayhem, would you have a better image of the primer maybe?

@Eightbore - thank you. Yes, I was referring to the over shot card and whilst I knew the number to be the shot size, I wasn’t sure if the appearance of it would help identify the manufacturer.

@EOD - this is the best I can do. I hope it is helpful.


Mayhem, this is quite good, thanks!
I just try to figure the symbol at the 6h pos.
Could you look it up and describe it maybe?

Alex, what does “неоржавляющий” mean?

The single number (shot size) in a circle (or not) is quite standard for many countries, places and periods in Europe and the West. It was not used in Great Britain very much (but there where some) as generally more information was placed on the card until the late 1950’s early 60’s when cluster numbers became fashionable. The exception to this would be small bore size cartridges where in the main only a single number was used. Also letter size shot, this also had a fair chance of only being the letters, certain from shop/ironmongers in-house loading.

12 Bore

28 Bore


Vlad, it literally means “non-rusting”.

I collect shot shells as a side line and amongst those is a Russian one I think they are out of the 1970
the one I have is lemon Green 2/1/8 long has the the same head stamp as yours was made in 1968
and above all was made by AZOT what Azot stands for I would not know.Plus the country stamp
MADE IN USSR and is a No 6 shot in black on a star crimp.

@Eightbore - Thank you.

@EOD - Thank you - I’ve not been able to find anything on that marking :( I’ve taken another picture, which may be better than the last. This is the closest I can get my USB microscope to the primer:


@sherryl - Thank you. Is AZOT what the letters on the primer say or are there additional marking on your shell?


The cartridge case was made by Azot, but the primer manufacturer is Murom (MPZ). This is their old trademark registered in 1963, which is still used for some products for the Russian market.



Fede replied nicely the mistake was mine I should have said the primer Imprint is exactly as yours
and AZOT is directly on top of the case rim.

Mayhem, well done! As Fede said it is Murom. They are also exporting lots of primers. Their current logo is somewhat different now.
Have not seen primers before with the actual logo applied! Thanks a lot!

Fede, I just found that they are using this logo for pyrotechnics with bi-lingual markings in Russian and English.

Thank you everyone - greatly appreciated.