Id on clip

What caliber and weapon does this clip belong to?
Just as an impression for the size; a 7.92x57 fits very well.

Length: 60.01 mm
Width: 13.6 mm
Width inside: 10.6 mm
Heighth/Thickness: 3.1mm

All parts are magnetic. The clip is slightly curved.

Looks like a belgian clip for the 7,65x54.


Given how many of these clips must have been made they are mostly all remarkably similar. Several years ago I saw one faintly marked on the back with ‘Kynoch’ but I’ve never seen another.

The only real variation is this one that came with 5 drill rounds headstamped ‘RA 17 7,65’ This cartridge has been discussed on here recently.

Apart from that there are some with slightly bigger spring tabs. The earlier ones were bare steel with a ‘square’ section whilst later production had more rounded edges and were nickle plated.

Happy collecting, Peter

While I’m about, here is an example of the early ‘square’ section, bare steel ones. The spring tabs are tiny and this type is often found with small holes, one at each end of the spring. Does anyone have any idea what function these holes might have?


Gentlemen, thank you for the information, much appreciated!