ID on rifle grenade spigot adapter

Can anyone ID this rifle grenade spigot and the manufacturer mark on the side?

The seller lists this as a German M98 rifle grenade adapter, marked at 300€/350$, which to me seems like bogus…


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Ole, this is the logo of Mecar (Belgium).

Wishful thinking is a big part of humane nature.

Thanks a lot, Alex - there was something very very familiar about the logo, and I was struggling to place it. I guess I’ve likely seen it on Energa grenades.

Is it safe to assume this is a post-war item used for K98ks in post-war service (such as in Norway and Israel)?

I found one in the digital Norwegian museum archives, leads me to believe the one for sale has been in Norwegian service at some point.


Ole, yes, MECAR is big in the grenade business including rifle grenades.

Hard to say for whom these launchers were made as after 1945 plenty of countries were using the K98 and not to forget that FN also made new K98 after the war (btw, the current German military ceremonial guards for the govt are also using FN made K98s - of course it would be a scandal in dogooding Germany of today when they had 1938 dated and WaA accepted guns).

Here some random images on MECAR and their rifle grenades:…0…1c.1.64.img…2.1.56…0i19k1j0i30i19k1j0i5i30i19k1.0.pmMZSsRXODQ

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That makes sense Alex, looking at pictures of Energa grenades I’ve handled before they very clearly have the M-over-A logo stenciled in big letters on the body of the grenade.

Norway used rifle grenades with the Mausers, M1 Garands, and AG-3s for a short while after the war, until we got the HK79 underbarrel launcher for AG-3 use.

As I might’ve told before, the most common hunting rifles in Norway are post-war converted Mausers in 7,62x63/.30-06, with all German proof stamps and markings intact (spare the original serial which is ground off in order to have a place for the Norwegian serial number).

Our armed forces used the NM149 and NM149F1 dedicated marksman’s rifles up until the HK417 replaced them, which were Mauser M98 actions with a new barrel, stock, bottom metal with magazines, and optical rail, made by Våpensmia at Dokka.
I’ve seen pictures of NM149 rifles built on original Gew. 98 marked receivers.

After the war we converted many K98k and clone actions into the M/59 and M/67 sniper rifles (heavy barrel rifles with diopters), and after they were phased out, many of them were sold to active personnel and officers.
There was a huge uproar in the 90s (IIRC), where a politician of the Christian Democratic Party held a long speech about the lack of moral of the MoD for wanting to sell “weapons of war marked with symbols of genocide and fascism” to people to use to “kill animals”…


Ole, I am sure the animals were very concerned about that.
Where was the uproar before when the rifles were intended to be used against people?

You should have seen the “arguments” against the Raufoss NM140/NM160 rounds used in Afghanistan…


The argument was that they are too effective or that enemies were “too dead”?

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Norwegian snipers use ammunition on missions in Aghanistan which can be a violation of international law. The Red Cross demands an immediate halt in the use of the ammunition.

- Tests have shown that the ammunition can explode inside the human body. Laws of war do not ban killing but they ban weapons and methods which create unnecessary suffering and damage. A bullet which explodes inside the body has to be defined as unnecessary suffering and damage, says head of communications in the Norwegian Red Cross, Bernt G Apeland.

Notice the use of an HK417 when they’re talking about 12,7x99 NM140 MP and NM160 MP-T.

This one is rather idiotic:
“The infamous Norwegian incendiary-charge ammunition “Raufoss” is easily accessible on the internet, according to watchdog NorWatch”.
Meaning - they googled “Raufoss ammo” and found garage-shop made American “incendiary” 7,62x39 and .308 Win for sale at gunshows in the US…

The party “Red” - charter of which party wants Norway out of NATO, into EU, and full socialism put into place, and no more capitalism - has also spewed a lot of BS about the Raufoss ammunition claiming the “bullets may set in the body and explode at a later point in time”…


The usual thing, people with half brain understanding half of everything but claim to know it all.
Sadly a disease today where through the internet everybody has a voice on the internatinal level.
Unfortunately most people can not judge if these voices are better muted.

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