ID on two 7.62 cases

I’ve been going through a sack of fired cases. I’ve got a couple of 7.62 cases that don’t come up on the headstamp index and I just wanted to ID them for interest really.

The first headstamp is HO 7.62 (no date) green lacquer

The second is GC 7.62 (no date) green lacquer

Both are unremarkable military brass cases, both berdan primed (ring crimped) and came to me from a civilian source so they were probably imported into UK via the surplus market. Age I would estimate around 10-15 years. Thats fired not made

Any help would be appreciated.


Vince, this is a product of Chartered industries of Singapore, they use the letters for a date code. In this case GC = 73, HO = 80.
Wishes, Jan

Thanks for that. I wonder how they found their way into my little sack of goodies.
Next question - Does anybody want them? Free of course, if not they will go for scrap.


Hello Vince,

A lot of that ammunition has been sold as surplus ammunition to sport shooters here in The Netherlands as well. They were packed in lots with mixed head stamp dates. I’ve shot some of those rounds a few years ago myself.