ID past SLICS table

Does anyone remember who had this table at SLICS 2008(?)
I’d like to contact him.
PM me if you don’t want to post.

That looks like some of Pepper’s stuff.

Believe it was Robert Hawkinson’s display

I defer to Mr. John’s ID. Pepper had a lot of stuff there. In light of the overwhelmingness of it all, and the fact I didn’t take notes, I was just guessing anyway.

It was Gerry Soper’s table. Send me a pm with your e-mail and I’ll try to put the two of you in touch.


correct…Jerry’s stuff…top left round resides in my OICW…OCSW drawer


speaking of SLICS…is it worth going to? I live in Ohio so it is a pretty decent drive there.

Ohio is a lot closer than Utah, and I think it is WELL WORTH the trip. Tons of stuff at SLICS that you will never see in a lifetime of going to the very nice OGCA shows.

Since it involves ammo, plan on driving, not flying.

Hotel is a top rate operation and SLICS gets really cheap rooms, so bring the spouse along as a treat. Great restaurant in the hotel (but $$$). The seminars in the evening are informative, and short enough that even spouses can tolerate them.

One work answer, YES
If possible, travel via Indy as Chicago traffic is a major pain (and I’m used to Detroit traffic)

We are coming from Europe, coming Tuesday flying home Sunday, and believe me, it is worth every minute.


I concur with SLICS being worth it. I drive from Maine - initially driving for 14 hours, sleep in a rest stop for 3 hours in my car, and then continue on to arrive in about 27 hours total from Bangor to St Louis and it was the best thing I ever did for my collecting and researching endeavors. Meeting people, getting contact info, and cartridges of course. Lots of cartridges… The prices are often better than what you would find in online auctions of collector cartridges also - bargaining & trading can happen too.

Well, that’s what I call commitment to a hobby…

in room trading !!