Id pistol shell

Found a pistol shell and don’t know what it is, I would like an approximate date of how old it is, any information is appreciated.

I believe the headstamp is F * N
I have put it next to a .22 for comparison.

Cheers Hamish

Looks to be a .32 of some rimmed flavor, possibly .32 S&W Short?

Without measurements it is difficult to be certain. FN made many calibers of ammunition. However, because of the basic comparison of the known .22 to it in the photo, and the larger case’s extractor groove and extractor-groove bevel, I would think it to be a .32 Automatic (.32 A.C.P.; 7.65 x 17 mm Browning) case. Remember, the .32 Automatic cartridge is semi-rimmed, and the .22 RF has a relatively small diameter rim in respect to the cartridge’s length, so it kind of makes this look like a revolver cartridge in your photo. Again, measurements of the head (rim) would be very helpful in making an accurate assessment of the case type.

Without measurements, my own identification could be erroneous.

John Moss

John Moss