Id please for 7.62 tokarev

Need id please

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This Soviet code is not positively identified so far.

Russian experts suspect this to be a short term code of the factory in Podolsk (regular code #710) which was re-established in 1944 and only in this year used code #10 and then switched to #710. In 1948 the factory was closed and equipment was transferred to #711 in Klimovsk which is near by.

The latest info I have on the ‘10’ code is The Dzerzhinsky Machinery Plant, Dzerzhinsky (Molotov).
Alex, any way you confirm this ID?

I think this ID is just a missperception as this is the only code #10 listed in all Russian docs and in the earlier research days people just took the only listed #10 in the list and ran with it.
But we need to look at the product profile of Dzerzhinskiy plant which was founded as a shipyard and later was a mechanical factory which back then made Fuzes and still is. And not to forget that we never saw a fuze with a numerical factory code (i.e. 10). Instead they were/are using the Cyrillic letters “ЗИД” (Latin: ZID).
As per their product profile they made no drawn metal products.

So right now I think the info on #10 being Dzerzhinskiy is just outdated.

Of course I would like to have solid info on the true manufacturer of the HS shown.