ID possible bullet projectile

Went metal detecting and found this bullet looking piece of lead. I dont know if it is a bullet and if it is what it’s from. Any info would be appreciated, cheers.


It definitely looks like a bullet! Has the look of something from the late 1800’s to very early 1900’s. Also it does not appear to have been fired.

Was it scrubbed hard when it was cleaned? It appears some of white patina has been removed.

Found in Australia?

If possible it may help if you provide a diameter and length.


Yes it was found in South Australia, all I have done so far was rinse with water, no washing or scrubbing.

I will attach a pic with dimensions below.
Thanks, Hamish.

I also found this aswell which appears to have Bullet like resemblance and some form of rifling. But it’s pretty beat up on the tip

Picture below
image image image image


Good info and photos, hopefully someone will have more insight on these than I can provide.


To me both bullets look like they were cast rather than swaged, so perhaps the person who shot them also cast them from his own bullet mould (or mold). Jack

Looks like the .38 special wadcutter i used for reloading.